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Lady Dottie's a "sixty-something blues queen with body pillows for boobs and more swagger than Space Ghost." Her band, The Diamonds, is a bunch of young hard-rockers. (Think Kings of Leon or the MC5 backing up Etta James.) Their new record kicks all kinds of ass - as do their live shows.
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Pepsi Blues?
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I learned about two great bands today. The other one is Dr. Dog.
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*CFM? Metafilter has to like them.

[Cold Fusion Motherfuckers]
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On first glance, the set-up sounds similar to Sharon Jones (and The Dap-Kings), though Lady Dottie has some 10 years on Sharon Jones, and it's blues instead of funky soul. Ms. Jones has some serious strut, and oddly, no posts on the Blue. Maybe I'll rave about her at some point in the future.
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Love, love, love Lady Dottie and those delectable Diamonds. Thanks, jbickers!

There's suddenly a lot more good music by real people out there in the world these past couple of years, and the pace seems to be intensifying. Tingly.

(on preview: please do that, filthy light thief! I've loved their stuff for a few years now and still know too little about them!)
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Nice, the cover of 'Have Love, Will Travel' on the media page is totally awesome. I will be picking this one up....
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I recently 'discovered' her as well, and she's fantastic. Good stuff.
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+3 for the body-pillow-boobs and Space Ghost references.
+2 for Dottie's great voice and being a regular human being making great music.
-1 for Jon Spencer wannabe on keys.
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Can I got to Space Ghost from work?
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Space Ghost is amazing. I haven't thought about that show for ages! Awesome :D
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I like the way she moves. This kind of reminds me of the R.L. Burnside & Jon Spencer Blues Explosion stuff.
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Kings of Leon are "hard" rockers?
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Your favorite body pillow breasted blues queen sucks.

Hmmm, that could be a good thing.
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More like Etta James backed up by the Shadows of Knight. Man, she isn't much of a singer, but taken all together, its first-class garage.
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Hmm, pretty straight. Also, at least that first "live" video isn't - or at least, both the guitarist and the keyboard player aren't playing the notes we are hearing on the track. I don't like fakes...
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Dottie and the Diamonds rule the school. I came across them when travelling down to NJ recently on WFUV, Fordham University Radio. (which also rules the school).
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I can vouch for the school-ruling of both Dottie and WFUV.
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I've seen Lady Dottie and the Diamonds a few times. She and they are incredible. One of her guitarist's other bands is an act that also shouldn't be missed.
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Nice to see one of San Diego's finest outfits finally getting some (inter)national attention. They've been the Monday night house band at one of our diviest dive bars for some time now, and I've never seen a show that hasn't knocked the fucking socks off everyone there.

While they seem content to play jaw-dropping blues at one of the most unassuming bars for a hundred miles, I certainly hope these guys get the wider recognition they deserve. They're arguably the most perfectly mismatched and preternaturally talented band you'll ever see.
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Is there any way some enterprising terrorists liberationists could break into the MTV studios and commandeer the broadcast system, and play nothing but these videos for an entire weekend?
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More like Etta James backed up by the Shadows of Knight.

I filled in once for the guitarist in the Shadows of Knight when he was too hung over to show up for a gig.

I would much rather jam with Dottie and her Diamonds.
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