Theatre of the New Ear
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Theatre of the New Ear. Two radio plays: one by Charlie Kaufman, the other by the Coen Brothers, recorded live and starring Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep.

The Coen Brothers' Sawbones can be downloaded from the site linked above, or streamed along with Kaufman's Hope Leaves the Theatre here. Via Subtraction.
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The site with the streaming has a really irritating interface - you have to click the link, wait for a black overlay to load on the page, then scroll around and look for a button marked "Play". Sorry about that.
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This project was really centered around the composer Carter Burwell.

I was there that night.
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Wow. You could have had me by dropping 1/3 of those names.
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Without any spoilers at all, can someone tell me if the Charlie Kaufman thing is any good?
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Just as I was riding up the hill to my house, I was thinking to myself:

"I wish I had something to listen to in the car on the way down to DC tomorrow".

Thank you.
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can someone tell me if the Charlie Kaufman thing is any good?

It's his usual combination of brilliantly clever and too-clever-by-half, terribly funny and totally irritating, joyfully bonkers and inanely obscure, &c.. Plus an overflowing barrel of meta wank. If you liked any of his films, you'll likely like this.
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Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty psyched to check this out.
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PS - Who doesn't love some good meta wank, now and then?!
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Scene One	Elevator
Scene Two	Elevator, ten minutes later
Scene Three	Joe's Living Room
Scene Four	The "Kitchen," later that day
Scene Five	Offices of Rolling Stone magazine, 1969
Scene Six	Engine room of an Argentinian freighter, 1943
Scene Seven	The Void, Thursday, 6:53 EST
Scene Eight	Elevator, exactly thirty years later
Scene Nine	Joe's living room, midnight of the same day
Scene Ten	The Void, early morning
Scene Eleven	The eye of a hurricane, Easter Island, now
Scene Twelve	Elevator, one thousand years later
Scene Thirteen	A field of marigolds
Hmm, yeah. That's Charlie Kaufman, all right.
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sure sure, this is good.
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I listened.

If you liked the Firesign Theater, you will like the Firesign Theater.
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I've been looking for Hope Leaves the Theater since I heard these both on Sirius Classic Radio last year. I found Sawbones floating about on its own, but was much more impressed with Kaufman's. Wow, thanks.

I wish there was more audio work like this. You really have to pay attention to all the elements you're hearing to get the full picture. They remind me of opera when everyone's singing at once.

I think my favorite part of both pieces is the music. Both my wife and I had Sawbones stuck in our head for weeks, and the free form filler of Hope is just another character you can pay attention to.
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Thanks for this. Awesome.
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I listened to the Kaufmann piece. I don't even know what to think about it. So depressing...
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I saw this at UCLA when it was touring there, had pretty crappy seats but apparently that doesn't matter when you're watching a radio play. It is a bit more impressive that way because you see it's only three actors/actresses doing all the voices.
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Great find!. Thanks!
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I haven't even listened to them yet, but if I could favorite this twice, I totally would.
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