Billings, meet the Billings, they're a modern Bytown family..
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Meet Braddish Billings, the first settler in Gloucester Township, and his family, including the famed palentologist Elkanah Billings. Learn about the Bridge Braddish built, and the community that grew around it. Learn about the way the Billings travelled, occupied their free time, got educated, and tons of other stuff. All thanks to the Billings Estate National Historic Site of the City of Ottawa.

The Bridge at Billings Bridge allows Bank Street to cross the Rideau River, and is now home to the rather ugly Billings Bridge Plaza.
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Sadly, the Historic Site is closed for the winter. But if you're in Ottawa, come to the meetup tomorrow night.
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How do I know you ain't sold me out to Ottawa Modified Death?
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That's my neighbourhood!
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Oh god, does this mean I'll have to do a FPP on Orleans at some point? I used to go to the Dairy Queen just before the bridge and the Harvey's near the Plaza as well. mmmm Harvey's!!!
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But when's Old Ottawa South going to get any love? We don't even have a grocery any more!

At least the Mayfair has been saved.
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For lots more historical stuff about Ottawa and area (including the Billings'), check out Bytown or Bust.
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