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Eric 'MC' Breed, a well known rap artist popular in the 90's, died yesterday at the age of 36.

Back in September he collapsed from kidney failure, was on life support for a time and was told he needed a kidney transplant. In what is likely his last interview, he talks extensively about his kidney failure and hospitalization, going on to say he had been released from the hospital with a clean bill of health. He was found at a friends house in Ypsilanti, according to Darryl Morris, Breed's manager. He had 3 daughters and a son.

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While MC Breed was not under 30, here's a list of others who died too young.
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too young.
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Probably his biggest hit: 'Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin'.'
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Uh, as seen in the first link. Oops.
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Too sad. My ladyfriend used to tend bar in downtown Detroit and one night, a few years back, Breed came into the bar, marched right up to the jukebox and "suggested" to the patron standing there that he play an MC Breed song. It could've been seen as pathetic or domineering or whatever, but after he sat down and ordered a Jack-and-coke and started striking up conversations with a few folks around me, I realized it's just how he had made it as relatively far as he did: ceaseless self-promotion and hustle, backed up with talent. No faux modesty (which I know is itself pretty antithetical to the whole "dozens" history behind hip-hop), just: "Here's my track, I think it fucking rules, you should play it, bro." Too soon.

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Thirty-six is awfully young to die of kidney disease, poor man. "Insult" to the kidneys, I wonder what that was?

I didn't see much in the videos (as you know, I'm really not a fan) but the backing tracks were OK and he seemed sweet and cheerful. Very sad.

But my actual question for you is the following. My father pointed out to me when I was young that pop music seems to run in 20-30 year cycles - he predicted that rock music would be overtaken by something else and he was right.

So what's the next big thing? What's going to replace hip-hop? I was hoping it'd be the electronica movement, which had some currency in Europe, but it never seemed to really catch on in the US.

Let us strongly hope that the South Korean pop music that dominates much of Asia won't appear here at least.
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No! Agh, that sucks. One of my favourites. Dang.

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How do you get Kidney Disease that young? I hope I'm not being insensitive, I'm just really curious. It seems so improbaple and tragic.
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Probably his biggest hit: 'Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin' .'

"I'm the E-Double"

Sorry, there is only one E-Double, and I'm pretty sure it isn't him.
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Hope his 4 kids are coping alright. 36 is most definitely too young.
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Everyone always wanted more for MC Breed.

But he got what gave.


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From HipHopDX, Detroit rap community speaks on Breed's passing:

'Boss, famed for being the Detroit native who would go on to be the flagship artist of Russell Simmons' Def Jam West label, spoke about her longtime friend and peer. "Breed was not only a pioneer of Detroit Hip Hop, but of Hip Hop as a whole. Having suffered with kidney failure myself, it is important that we as entertainers, take care of our health and promote organ donation and our communities. Breed will be greatly missed."'
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Breed is survived by three daughters and two sons; his parents; two brothers; and a sister.
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