Tie Brian Up, Tie Brian Down.
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The Brian Williams Tie Report Archives. "Logging the neckwear fashion decisions of America's most trusted voice in evening news." No, seriously.
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Why aren't there pictures of the ties? Or am I doing it wrong?
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Also: boyzone. amirite.
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No photos. And he's in Ohio. Fail.
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I don't understand. There are no photos at all?
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Comments above sum it up.
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I think the focus on the ties with a lack of tie pictures pushes this from "surreally obsessive internet thingy" to "surreally abusive internet thingy".
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On a second look, I'm no longer convinced photos are even relevant. This blog is an artistic work of it own. It's not even about the ties.

The Report imagines the following dialogue at Le Maison Williams:

Mrs. W.: (from depth of closet) Brian! Honestly, have you any idea exactly how many ties you have in here? There's hardly any room for half my shoes.
B.W.: (from behind newspaper): Okay.
Mrs. W: (stepping into room with fistful of silk, mostly striped and purple) What? What does that mean, "Okay"? That's not even an answer. Are you listening to me?
B.W. (peering around paper) Oh. I meant to say, I guess I forgot about some of them.
Mrs. W. : Well, either start wearing them or I'm throwing them out. And I mean it.

And so Brian Williams knots up the odd, dated looking cravat of burnished gold with incredibly widely staggered onyx stripes bordered by skinny stripes of pearl for the next broadcast of The Nightly.

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Let's all wear ties and read Metafilter! (No pictures.)
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I'll bet that there is a lot of thought going into Brian Williams' tie selection. I'm sure NBC doesn't want him to wear a tie with flashing Christmas lights.
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Seconding Tehanu.

I initially opened the site, mumbled "fail" under my breath, and moved to close the window. However, the author has a really distinctive voice--it reminds me a bit of The Debt To Pleasure or The Book Of Evidence--and is at times quite darkly funny.

The lack of photos are beside the point. In fact, the more I read, the more I suspect that the lack of photos ARE the point, or at least part of it.
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