Network Predatech
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Network Predatech It's around 2025 A.D. and the IMC is all-powerful. Can a devoted band of courageous hackers make a difference?
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posted by pracowity at 4:41 AM on May 15, 2001

The Independent Media Center is all-powerful in the future? Cool!
posted by harmful at 6:16 AM on May 15, 2001

I've just watched the first episode - kind of cheesy, but their heart's in the right place. More info here. Reminds me of the future shock stuff on Channel 4 (UK) a while back. I guess I'm hooked - will watch the next episode when I've got time... Thanks!
posted by andrew cooke at 6:22 AM on May 15, 2001

where the hell is Max Headroom!?
posted by roboto at 7:14 AM on May 15, 2001

Why is she wearing Kiss makeup?
posted by rodii at 8:01 AM on May 15, 2001

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