Mammoth Stars
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WR 25 And Tr16-244: Previously Unseen Mammoth Stars Get The Hubble Treatment.
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"Defiant finger" indeed.
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I know enough about astronomy to basically say "Oh, purdy," but that Hubble thing has just rung my bell over and over again. I remember the anticipation of it going up, the "corrective lenses" they had to use to fix the flaw in the main mirror, & the debate abut continued funding a couple years back. I really hope it's kept in service up until something better takes its place. I will probably cry when it does eventually fall to Earth.
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"Defiant finger" indeed.

I see a bunny.
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Ack, I meant the first link to go here: Wide-field image showing the region of WR 25 and Tr16-244
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I see a bunny.

I hear bunnies. All the time. It won't stop.
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For yeas, I've been downloading Hubble shots & converting them to desktop images by making a crop size at my monitor's resolution in Photoshop, and now I find the Hubble Wallpaper Page. Cool.
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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... attack ships on fire of the shoulder of...

It's totally awesome that the ESA is releasing images in super-duper high quality.

Heh, thanks Devils Rancher for that link! The Hubble ST is an awesome tool and the astro science community, and the rest of humanity, could do with more of them - but I've also heard about ground-based telescopes that are as good/better (depending on what information one wants to collect). I just hope that in this economic downturn that governments (or seriously financially heavy private individuals) are willing to keep on funding fundamental science research (in astronomy as well as other sciences) that may not doesn't have an immediate financial impact.
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fire of the shoulder

That sounds painful.
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