A Terrifying Narrative Experience
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Night of the Cephalopods Shoot eldritch floating squid monsters with a shotgun as a horrified narrator describes your every move. Requires download, and is Windows only, I'm afraid. via
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They mention HP Lovecraft, but chief prototype has to be HG Wells' The Sea-Raiders.
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Lothar's relevant song on Metafilter Music kicks ass.
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Interesting idea, but it gets annoying quickly when it repeats. Left 4 Dead attempted something similar with the automated dialogue, but they seem to have had vastly more options available for any given situation.
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It's like Nazis.
There's always more cephalopods.
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Of course there are always more.

There are always more carnivorous, greasy, beak-faced, and tentacled lifeforms than one person can handle.
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Speaking of mean, carnivorous, beak-faced and tentacled cephalopods, there's a short documentary about the Humboldt Squid in the extras of the DVD for Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
For humorous effects, watch it after playing too much of this game.
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heh heh. I saw this on one of the indie games blogs I read. I thought it was great. Glad to see it on Mefi.
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_dario, there's a National Geographic show titled Devils of the Deep all about the Humboldt Squid.

In the show, the researchers were lifting these squid out of the water to tag them. Temporarily immobilized, each squid they captured became a target of attack by the other squid in the water. At one point, a squid is pulled from the water missing half of its head -- including the brain. Thinking the squid is dead, they drop it in the boat, but still it lunges for the nearest person... the hideous beak snapping spasmodically.

Is there anything worse than a monster that will try to eat you even if it has no brain?
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Is there anything worse than a monster that will try to eat you even if it has no brain?

I think there's a great lawyer joke in there.
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