Violence, the RPG
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Violence, the RPG. In 1999, Greg Costikyan, designer of Toon, Paranoia, and the Star Wars RPG, released this satirical and profane take on violence in games anonymously. It's now available as a free download.
Here’s what I want to do. I want to go into a Quake® deathmatch. And I want to strip down to a loincloth, sit down on the floor with a begging bowl, and call after the lunatics with the plasma guns as they flee past me, saying, “It is all samsara, it is all illusion, my friend” — for truly it is, pixels on a screen.
“Reject the fleeting temptations here, what profiteth you another kill? There is another path.”
And I want him to turn, think twice—and then I will smile benevolently as he tosses a rocket my way, blows me to my reincarnation as my peaceful self—and he runs on, and kills and kills again, quad damage, armor, another clip, heal and heal and blammo to the floor—until finally he turns, lays down his gun, and sits by me, asking me to teach. And then one by one, the players shall gather by me, sitting, assuming the lotus position, touching the ground in the earth-witness gesture, letting their thoughts still, contemplating that strange Quake sky as it streams overhead, peaceful, in unity, transforming this one, small, cyberrealm of unending war and mayhem into harmony."
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The problem being, of course, that in Quake® one cannot lay down one's gun as it is fused to your avatar's hands.
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Also, unlike with Samsara, we are not born chained to Quake. We are free from Quake. I hardly play Quake at all.
though when Quake Live opens I expect to spend some time with it.
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This is fun. It's always surprised me that people get freaked out about Dogs In The Vineyard being a game about religious fundamentalists, but don't blink at a game like D&D that's about ethnic cleansing and corpse looting.
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+10 for cleaning the gamemaster’s shoes with your tongue.
Particularly if the other players get to watch.

Is this some kind of veiled gateway into the world of S&M or were they heavily influenced by the "V" TV series? Seriously though, the reroll bonuses are awesome.
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Now—before you put this away, either “hurr hurr”ing like an asshole....
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Hogshead's New Style games were universally amazing. Puppetland was my favorite, but then I'd fall down before John Tynes like Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar before Alice Cooper.
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This game is treason!
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Puppetland is awesome, yes. But I think I like the idea behind The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen even more.
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let's not forget to give some love to Kill Puppies For Satan, tho he does not give it away.
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Violence was commissioned and published by Metafilter's own James Wallis, who is me. I loved every game in the New Style series, naturally, but my absolute favourite—the one I published even though I knew I was going to lose money on it—was De Profundis by Michal Oracz, which remains jaw-dropping in its vision, scope and execution, particularly given the fact it's only 32 pages long.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen was released in a new edition this year, a facsimile of the suppressed 1808 printing, by Magnum Opus Press, which is a division of my games consultancy Spaaace.
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