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This one time, I took 2c-b* at a pirate party in the middle of winter in Hadley, MA. It was the first cold night after a week of rain, and I ended up trudging home through the newly frozen landscape dressed as a pirate and smelling of my own vomit.

And of course hallucinating splendidly.

The whole world looked just like these images. From far away, the soil swirled and sparkled like a second sky. When looked down at my feet, the puddles looked like silver pools of frozen fireworks. I stumbled three miles in sub-zero temperature, wearing a sloppy grin and a scraggly goatee I’d attempted to grow out for the occasion. Best party ever man.

Oh, my college years.

*legal at the time
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oh, and great post!
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I thought these were going to be some abstract poems by Robert Frost. "Stop by a Woods on Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously" or something. Pleasantly surprised to be wrong.
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Beautiful, thanks. This almost makes up for the advancing winter. We don't get much frost here but I always love it when the ice flowers bloom on my windows. Here is are some more photos of frost.

Frost always makes me think of the Coleridge poem "Frost at Midnight" (here's a summary/analysis). There is a rather bad movie about Coleridge and Wordsworth called Pandaemonium that has an absolutely lovely scene about the poem "Frost at Midnight", with the poem read in voiceover. Fortunately someone has put up the scene on Youtube, so you don't need to see the movie to enjoy it.
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Is "cool" a comment or a pun?
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These remind me of fractal art, with which I used to be fascinated. I never amounted to much at it, though. There is (or was, in the late 90's, at least) a fairly decent community surrounding this idea.

Sylvie Gallet was one of my favorites.
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I love this, thanks!!
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Beautiful. More about unusual forms of frost (with more photos) at

Two years ago we woke up on a very cold morning to find our driveway (which had been cleared of snow the night before) covered with thousands of large, feathery hoarfrost crystals.
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For those who appreciate the classics within this genre, the work of Wilson Bentley.
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Run, you pigeons! It's Robert Frost!
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You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat.
- Renoir
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Not really abstract. Not to take anything away, but these images are of real things. Very nice.
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