Keg Beer 101
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It's party season and a good time to start thinking about topping last year's lame office party. It may have been a few years and maybe you have forgotten some critical lessons from college. Thankfully, there is a science to keg beer. Think it all through and make some plans. You could also hide the vodka and tonic for you and your close buds and be a dick to everyone else. Have fun!
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Drinking...for SCIENCE! I can't think of a better excuse to have a drinking party.

The prank video is just priceless, now if only it ended with them telling everyone what they weren't drinking.
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It's been twenty years since I've seen an employer provide alcohol at a company party. That probably contributes greatly to the lameness of those parties, but they'd rather have lameness than litigation.

The last company party with drinking was highly entertaining. An inflatable party doll that was a joke gift to a departing employee wound up under the manufacturing manager, in the middle of the public street out in front of the building. Where all the company executives found the insensate couple on leaving said building.
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Years ago, I worked for a company that had a party with an open bar. One of the employees ended up causing a wreck where people died. The company was sued, successfully, by the families of the victims.

News got around quickly that companies were liable for their employees driving drunk and the booze dried up before you could say BAC.
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I was at that party! First group kitchen pic, black jacket and white shirt!
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Um, how do the alcohol-free keggers know that the party attendees hadn't been drinking beforehand, seeing as how their kegger is set up in a public area? I've hung out in Ivy League environs during party weekends, and many many kids "pre-dose" with several drinks before heading out for the evening.

Sorry to be such a party pooper.
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