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Pattern Tap: an organized collection of web design ideas.

You can also make your own 'user sets', suscribe to other's sets, and other 2.0ey things.
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Yay! I love stealing ideas the power of research!

Great resource, thanks.

Here are some more:
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Great stuff. I wonder if these designs will look dated in 5 years.
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On a different design note: User Experience Trading Cards</a.
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Patterns are fun to read about but rarely particularly useful. Beginners can't really apply them as the context and details are missing while veterans find them too obvious.
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Actually, this is less useful than your average pattern collection because it doesn't even discuss the what? why? how? of elements of web design. But it sure is fun to browse thorugh, I'll admit that.
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It's too bad there are no intermediately skilled web designers out there then.

I think things like this are great resources for folks who are still learning, and I also like the spirit of sharing knowledge and ideas.

As a veteran, I certainly know what a breadcrumb trail is, but I do like browsing through concepts and ideas - it can be refreshing - like going an art museum.
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I like it alright; but it would be more "2.0ey" and a bit more useful, IMO, if you could directly add patterns. You can email them something, and if they like it, they'll add it; but that's not really very useful.
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Hmm, I don't know, I like sites like these just for the pure collection aspect and being able to browse through varied patterns in one stop, regardless of "educational value".
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