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CLLCT - The Collective Family An online community of indipendent musicians who have made their music free to download. No, it's not myspace.

(disclaimer: I have a profile there too, but nothing that I haven’t also posted on Apart from that I have nothing else to do with running or maintaining the site.)

Originally the 001collective, cllct is a community (or a collective if you will) of musicians dedicated to giving away their music for free on the internet. I randomly found the original 001 site while looking for online communities to post my own home recordings to. Not long after I signed up, the site changed to its current format under the new name cllct.

There is some phenomenal music to be found there, from the cuteness overload of Shelby Sifers, to the mature stylings of Generous Alzir, and even the off-kilter experiments of the Secret Owl Society (who is also the man behind the entire site).

Some other favourites of mine include:
21 love songs – a tribute to Magnetic Fields
Fire in the Mountains – James Eric
Pinecones – The Uggamuggas
Macondo – Fox Paws

I hope you enjoy the music!
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Yay, Jack White, Nick Cave, and Jarboe! Oh, wait.

And since the internet is dead and we allow self-linking now, I once wrote the RIAA a letter.

Deletion in 4, 3, 2....

Or I could be wrong.
posted by cjorgensen at 9:32 PM on December 1, 2008

Thanks for the links to the independent music.
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Robotot's profile deserves to be linked, too. Here he is on Virb, and this is his MefiMusic playlist.

This sounds sweet. I'm going to dig into this more. I don't believe someone is a greedy sell out if they actually try and support themselves with their music, but it's always nice when it's given away, instead of stolen (which I do far too much of).
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I don't understand your comment, cjorgensen.
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Oh, I didn't see robotot linked to himself in the main post. That could probably be removed, and keep the rest of the post.
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Now you understand the comment.

Flagged, and not because it was a bad post, just not fitting the guidelines. Pretty much the same thing as linking to your own stuff someplace else and saying, "but nothing that I haven’t also posted on projects." Just saying.

And there are tones of sites out there like this. Ok, maybe not tons, but many. Could have linked to those as well.
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Like this one!

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I'm conflicted ... on the one hand, there was some self-linking ... and on the other, internet goodness. I may have to both favorite and flag.
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I don't think that was a real self-link -- more of a disclosure, and everything there is available from MeFi anyway, so get over it.

I like this post.
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I don't think this is self linking. I mean, the music is already on MeFi Music, so it's not like we're being shown something new. Just the same stuff in a different spot.

Now excuse me while I peruse the Electronica tags....purrr
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To the moderators: please remove the link in the disclaimer. I'm so sorry for shitting all over the internet.

To everyone else: the music I've posted there is a drop in the ocean compared to some of the great stuff I've found on the rest of the site. Quit playing policeman and just go enjoy the music on offer there.
Yeah I could've linked to any number of net labels (headphonica is particularly good) and mp3 blogs like the one suggested by Potomac (which I hadn't heard of, thanks!) but I linked to cllct because I've found more great music there than on any other site. This was a post about one fairly new website, not the concept about free music on the internet. Maybe next time I post I'll include a link for every mp3 I've ever downloaded.

Not all free music is great, there's a lot of crap bands out there, forgive me for pointing out some of the better stuff.
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Oh, I should have previewed.....we say the same thing. Our posts even begin with the same three words. how weird.
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Thank you for shitting all over the internet. I've been enjoying stuff from here all morning. This is good.
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I was part of an Internet label that did kind of the same thing for a couple of years ago: My bands on there are The Lee of the Stone and Monochromatic Strata. I like the idea of putting out some music for free so people can hear and download it. At the same time, I would also like it if people bought my album on iTunes.
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When I gave away my album online, I pissed a lot of people off in my scene. Hope you have better luck.
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Ugh. Hope you're having better luck!
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584 Artists
965 Releases
1233 genres?

I am sure the intent of allowing each artist to "make up" up to 5 genres to describe their music was to keep them from feeling "pigeon-holed", however, I intended to use the genres area to help me find the music I might like. This doesn't work if there is a "genre" for every song.
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I dunno. "Coffee Core" is a genre I never realized I wanted so badly.
posted by Dr-Baa at 10:29 AM on December 2, 2008

Hah! Yeah, it is free music so I suppose "marketing"=no thang. I'll keep stumbling around.... maybe.
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No need to be so defensive. Users "playing policeman" is one of the reasons this site maintains the standard that it does. If you had mentioned in your disclaimer that you have a profile there without actually linking it, you probably would have caught significantly less crap over it, if any at all.

Otherwise, might fine post. Thanks for sharing!
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I removed the link, no worries.
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