We're not doomed, but we are in danger.
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Gwynne Dyer's new book Climate Wars discusses the conflicts likely to result in the near future from our changing climate. The first chapter ("The Geopolitics of Climate Change") is available here. He is now on a lecture tour [various lecture notes] and speaks on the subject [MP3 of radio interview] next Monday in Toronto.

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Bonus: rare picture of Dyer sans leather jacket!
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While I think it's fantastic that this leather(!) clad man is calling attention to the possible Mad Max scenarios that may result from climate change his predictions for a drought-ridden and starving Europe don't seem to jive with the data presented here. Anyway, whatever the data, there's always soylent green.
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Oh, and to explain the (!) above: link
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Ret. Gen Sullivan is quoted in this link saying the challenge of climate change is the complete opposite of the cold war. It really opened my eyes to why the US has failed to cope with it.

"The situation, for much of the Cold War, was stable. And the challenge was to keep it stable...Climate change is exactly the opposite. We have a catastrophic event that appears to be inevitable. And the challenge is to stabilize things"

The generation of cold warriors are unwilling, or unable, to understand the paradigm shift the world is suffering through.
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"...his predictions for a drought-ridden and starving Europe don't seem to jive with the data presented here. "

Note to self: invade Canada's heartland before 2080.
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this leather(!) clad man

Have you got any idea how incredibly old that leather jacket is?
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Panjardrum: Dyer has been wearing the leather jacket since at least 1985 (when he did the TV series War); his interest in the environment on the other hand seems to be quite new by comparison. Perhaps old habits die hard?
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