The Lady With The Braid.
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"I was listening to the radio and it’s one of those moments where you have to stop what you’re doing and pay full attention.” Dory Previn, met composer Andre' Previn while working in MGM's music dept. in the 1960s. They collaborated on movie music such as "A Second Chance" and "Valley Of The Dolls". Andre' divorced Dory in 1969 to marry Mia Farrow. Following this, Dory Previn recorded six original albums known for their wit and confessional tone. Dory Previn unofficially retired in 1976 and has been reluctant to give interviews. However, she released a free online album, Planet Blue in 2002. She gave a rare interview to the Times in February. She talked about her influences and meeting Howard Hughes with Bernadette Cahill in 2005.
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Whoa, what a flashback. I suddenly remember being a kid (circa third grade) and watching (I think) the Dick Cavett Show with my mom one night. There was this strange woman on....she had0a guitar and sang a few songs and kept referring to "Mia." I asked my mom what a Mia was, and she gave me a brief explanation. Then this woman launched into the goofiest song - I can still see her long frizzy hair and wire-framed granny glasses as she sang "My daddy said I ain't his child, ain't that something, ain't that wild...." in a weird, warbly voice, and my Mom and I just laughed and laughed.
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MYTHICAL KINGS AND IGUANAS is a wonderful album from Dory Previn, well worth searching out. It's my favorite of hers.
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I love that song. It's so jangly. Part of my "Now we are friends" ritual is making people listen to the entirely of "Mystical Kings and Iguanas."

the other rituals include me cooking you a huge meal because I've vomited on your pets.
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Extra Credit Material:

A cover of Mystical Kings And Iguanas by what looks like the grooviest classic rock D.J ever.

Dory Previn preforming a scene (and song) from her play Marcy C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign. It was in production but closed before opening. It was later turned into a concept album.

Camera Obscura wrote a tribute to Dory Previn on their latest album.
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i_cola, that was good, but not as good as when the Beatles were on the show... long clip, but worth it for some wonderful music and the hysterical banter beginning at 7:04. "Oh, you've only got a little Dad, have you?"

Sorry for the derail.
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