The Story of Ricky
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"The Story of Ricky" [Google Video 1hr27min]: An epic tale of one man's determination to overcome impossible odds using Qi.

If you prefer YouTube (and subtitles), a symphony in 9 parts:
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A recap of the best moments.
Backstory of Riki-Oh
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This is the film with the infamous head-squashing shot which was used in the Daily Show's "Five Questions" segment way back in the day, is it not?

If so, I gladly look forward to viewing the whole thing for wonderful context. Thank you!
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[Google Video 1hr27min]: An epic tale...

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Awww! Yeah! Discipline. One of my favorite films of all time. You just wanted to swat the wardens' little bad.
posted by doctorschlock at 11:31 AM on December 3, 2008 the hell could anyone make a franchise out of parking.

This guy has never seen private parking lots?
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I just poked your death spot.
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This is the most awesome movie of all awesome movies.

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This is the most awesome movie of all awesome movies.
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Is this one of them there Eyponhiswhatchacallit things?
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I haven't watched the movie yet, but I'm assuming the crisis involves Ricky being down a bingo and not having a "U" to help him out on his Scrabble rack?
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Contest over. Only took 3 days as well.
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The warden of any prison has to be the very best in kung fu.
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Crud. I thought this post was going to be about THIS Ricky.
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This is a marvelous, wonderful film that does everything right, is loaded with cliches and yet still manages to surprise. I mean, I was expecting some sort of showdown at the end, but I was not expecting gur Jneqra gb npghnyyl uhyx bhg naq chg vagb n zrng tevaqre.

If you rate an individual scene or shot monetarily -- ie, that's a fifty-cent shooting right there, that's a dollar's worth of burning man -- it's easily a $50 movie.
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He's got Tic Tacs in his glass eye, for God's sake! That right there is worth $5!
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How does one overcome impossible odds using a modern functional programming language?
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I drove from Burlington to Montreal once, with a pal and his friend, who I'd never met before, to go to a tiny bar and see a band I'd never heard of. We had to wait a while. The show got started late, and there was a terrible reggae band that played way too long.

Over the entire wait, playing on the one television in the brightly lit, yet divey bar, without sound, was The Story of Ricky. I sat there and sipped my single, I-have-to-drive-us-home beer and stared, fascinated, at that tiny screen.

Just as the time the terrible reggae band finished, the Story of Ricky ended, and the kids (prisoners? slaves? I don't know) were free and that other guy got his eyes gouged out and the credits rolled, the screen fuzzed and shook like a bad VHS tape, and it started again. No commercials, no gap, just The Story of Ricky on a loop.

The band we were there to see played, and I kept one eye on that screen to catch the beginning of Ricky. I really got into it. Watching the second half, then the first, with a terrible reggae band then a fun nerd-rock band playing alongside it was really perfect for such a ridiculous movie.

So, I'm not watching this. I think watching it again will ruin The Story of Ricky for me. It was really pretty easy to figure out the plot and the characters without any sound. I mean, I'm sure I got a lot of it wrong, but I'd bet my version's better.

Well, maybe I'll unplug my speakers tonight and have a beer.
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Is this the DVD or VHS version? The subtitles are WAY better on VHS.

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How rude of me. Thanks for posting this-it is one of the greatest films in existence!
If you ARE able to see a copy of the subtitled VHS version however, the subtitles add greatly to the hilarity...
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I still wonder where the old man found space to hide a wood lathe in his shower outfit. He's like the Guybrush Threepwood of prison kung-fu charactters. It is mystery!
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I watched some clips on Youtube and clearly this movie is amazing.

Related Movie?
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Crud. I thought this post was going to be about THIS Ricky.

See, I thought it was this one

I think my mother has a mating name, but Lord willing I shall not know it.
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I figured everyone had already seen this, kinda like Hardware Wars.
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Anyone in Seattle that's into bad kung-fu, shit-talking the screen, and drinking lots of beer should check out Kung Fu Grindhouse at the Sunset Tavern:

Just sayin.
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I own this movie and I have not once figured out why. It amused the heck out of my friends at college, though.

(The sad part is none of us were even remotely intoxicated. But then, I did arrive there with my primary luggage being two huge boxes full of 120 VHS tapes of MST3K, lovingly recorded from the various channels that had hosted it.)

PS - The only movie that caused us to imbibe alcohol was xXx, which made my cinema-studies major roommate literally cry and gave my then-girlfriend PTSD. Even I stopped cracking jokes about halfway through and just started staring numbly at the screen. Then we went out and got vodka and orange juice (him), Kahlua et al (her), and a bag of Doublestuf Oreos (me) and we all binged on our pain-remover of choice.

PPS - Ricky-Oh: The Story of Ricky remains a strange and alluring mystery whose deep and fundamental attractions will probably never be fully understood.

PPS - Maybe this is what string theory is about.
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I think I have met my gore quota for the day.
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I remember the year my brother got this on DVD. All of the male grandchildren crammed in his room watching it on his computer with the door shut. Meanwhile the adults had egg nog and watched "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and wondered where everyone was.
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