The moon waxes ...
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Move over, Wonder Girls! It's Jang Kiha and Faces (장기하와 얼굴들), the latest Korean Internet music sensation. Their performance of 달이차오른다, 가자 ("The moon waxes, let's go") on a Korean educational TV channel catches the attention of Korean netizens, who respond by producing mashups and following the terpsichorean teachings of "Reverend Jang" - from middle school students to college students, and even a professional Starcraft player.

(Bonus: performing at the Ssamzie Sound Festival - note the extra dancers)

Music and some of the images used in the mashup come from the trailer for Korean film The Good, the Bad, and the Weird)
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I live in Korea (and have for far too long), and I've never heard this before. But then again, I really really don't much enjoy Korean corporate pop music even a little teeny tiny little bit.

If you're like me, here, go read about Korean indie rock instead.
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(Still and though, thanks for posting this, needled, because me I'm a shameless Koreabooster -- even the crap, because, hell, that's what people like, after all, innit -- while still trying and failing to maintain a veneer of objectivity and. Extra dancers indeed!)
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okay, that song isn't as bad as a lot of stuff coming out of the south korea pop machine... and it looks like a lot of arm-wavin' fun. i'd get up on that stage and do the magic squid dance if they'd let me.

fuck it; ahma do it right here at home in mah PJs.
watch out!
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What? Why not?

Next thing you know, you'll be complaining that you can't read Hindi, either.
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Jang Kiha and Faces is currently the Korean poster boy of how one can cross over from the indie scene to the mainstream through the power of the Internet. The band is not a product of the Korean pop factories, but part of the Hongdae indie scene. The music harks back to Korean pop and rock from the 70's and also folk music. I'm sure the pop factories of JYP or SM Entertainment are taking note, though.

(Jang Kiha in his other incarnation as drummer of band 눈뜨고코베인, 'get one's nose cut even with eyes open')
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Stavros, if you're into indie rock in Korea you should check out Ssamzie Sound Festival (or 쌈싸페 for short). This year's lineup included Crying Nut, U&Me Blue, and No Brain, among others. Jang Kiha and Faces was part of the very competitive newcomers' stage, featuring five up-and-coming acts selected through open auditions and online voting.
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That song was made for animated GIFs, and also
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Nice post! The vocals are sort of a mix of typical Korean college songs + k-poppy refrains + the Korean pop/folk songs of a generation ago + a pinch of pansori. 눈뜨고코베인 is pretty nice too.
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