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Some beautifully-compsed Flash Friday action. Turn your sound up.
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posted by Caduceus at 10:08 PM on December 4, 2008

posted by silby at 10:13 PM on December 4, 2008

A game so nice it's been FPP'd twice.
posted by phunniemee at 10:46 PM on December 4, 2008

Seemed quite cool, if a little repetitive, but it does lose big points for automatically full-screening (which I decided to just go with, until I got bored) and bigger points still for crashing my browser on exiting fullscreen...
posted by Dysk at 11:07 PM on December 4, 2008

Last comment.
posted by C17H19NO3 at 11:24 PM on December 4, 2008

Outstanding game, nevertheless. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)
posted by darkstar at 12:03 AM on December 5, 2008

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