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The Evoluon was a museum dedicated to science and technology, and the place of technology in society. It was closed for the public in 1989 and has not been re-opened as a public museum since. Watch the wonderfully 60s promotion (worth it just for the soundtrack). [via]
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Fun AND cheesy, always the best combo (of course, it's only cheesy in hindsight). Cool post, tellurian. The Senster page is really interesting.
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Oops, it won't link directly to the Senster page, sorry.
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Oh man, I loved that place as a kid! I mean, what red-blooded, droid-loving 9-year-old American expat in Amsterdam wouldn't? It's shaped like a flying saucer!
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Sure it will amyms. otherthings_ I am so totally jealous of you right now.
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I used to love watching the trade test transmissions on BBC2, which they would show in the morning before the "regularly scheduled programming" began. They were like manna from heaven for young proto-nerds of a certain age, and the Evoluon film linked in the FPP was one of my faves.

Some of these films were made by the National Film Board of Canada, others by their equivalent in other Commonwealth countries, eg the New Zealand Film Unit. It was the soundtracks to these little films that inspired the band Boards of Canada, and I'm sure it's one of the reasons I'm a big fan of theirs.
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Wow, just when you think the soundtrack can't get any does.

Thanks, this is great!
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What a cool looking place; wish I could go back in time and visit when the museum was still in operation. It looked like it had a certain 'geewhizitude' that's lacking in museum design these days.
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You're betraying your age there kcds :-) but yeah, that's an interesting aside. It's been an interesting week for testy things I wasn't aware of, on MetaFilter – I love this behind the scenes stuff.
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Aww. The big Nixie tubes that counted your entrance were wondrous in a pre-digital age. And I loved the wire tubes with the steel bearing balls running through them.

Sic transit gloria mundi.
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The kogelbaan on youtube. Apparently it's now in the Museum of the TU Delft.
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Hey! I just realised, this is my 200th post [adversaria].
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Congrats earthman, on a post that really struck a chord with me.
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