Perfect for programmers over 50!
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The ___ Cards in time for the holidays (or any other card giving occasion). Unfortunately, it appears they are out of their "A beautiful X'mas is what you make of it" cards. Found via: Jonathan Yuen who did the design for Victoria Chang's "Two Trains," which appeared in Born Magazine.

Disclaimer: The "design" link is a bit gratuitous.

(Born Magazine previously, previously, previously, and barely previously)
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Each pack consists of 5 cards (in red, green, pink, light grey, dark grey) and 5 bespoke envelopes to go along with them.

I think the new MeFi Word of the Day is now official.
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I haven't been out to Born Magazine in forever, thank you very much for reminding me of it.
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I'm going to punch mine ever so slightly to produce an ambiguous message, then send it to Katherine Harris.
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Hanging chads Xmas.
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way cool.
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Way overpriced, especially if you want like 100 of them.

Where's the Make entry on this?
posted by rokusan at 11:44 PM on December 6, 2008

Awesome concept, but the site navigation is a tad annoying. Flashy is cool 'n all, but when it gets in the way of functionality... eh.
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