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Grindertool.com, the homepage of John Bergin's various art, film and other works, has been updated - including 256kbps full album downloads of most everything he's worked on in the last 15 years, for free.

His musical oeuvre tends towards the bleak and apocalyptic industrial tone, altho he has released a few children's albums (!) as well. Highly recommended for first time listeners - C17H19NO3's Terra Null, or his work with Lance Grabmiller for a more jazzy glitch/d'n'b tone. Also not to be missed is his work with Pam Bricker on a smoldering cover of When the Levee Breaks.
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This guy seems really cool. On the days when I feeling particularly apocalyptic, this can be my soundtrack. Thanks a bunch!
posted by nosila at 10:23 AM on December 7, 2008

hmmm - i didn't think much of when the levee breaks, but the terra null track works nicely
posted by pyramid termite at 12:08 PM on December 7, 2008

Many, many years ago he fronted a band called Orifice in Philly. Proto-Big-Black-sounding wall of industrial noise. My band played with them a few times. Despite the bleakness of his work I remember him as a nice, quiet, friendly guy.
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Holy shit, it's -that- John Bergin. From Inside is one of the best and at the same time most disturbing graphic novels I've ever read. The animated movie version looks just as good and now has me craving for a viewing that hereabouts will just never happen. Argh.
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Very keen - I was just looking for more interesting dark music. Surprisingly, his discogs page is more detailed than his wiki page. Seems he won an award for From Inside (3rd place, Jury Prize).
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There's an Orifice album from 1987 at the very bottom of the music archive page, actually. I really wanted to put in some more of the children's art work he did, but it hasn't been uploaded to the new site, and the old one is a mere text-only google cache. There's some bizarreness to the fact that the same man who wrote songs like "Razor Raped Pain" contributed several works that he created with Patch Adams (yeah, that Patch Adams!) to the 'Chairs that Care' charity event.
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Wow, I'm loving that cover of "Levee." And a whole Pam Bricker project of which I was unaware! Thanks.
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