Why yes, I do have a clue
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EclipseCrossword is a powerful windows tool for automatically creating crossword puzzles. You can create multiple puzzles from the same word list; print the puzzles in assorted formats; or export interactive puzzles for web pages.

Or you can create crossword puzzles online.
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This sort of seems like an ad for a product?
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This sort of seems like an ad for a product?

An ad for a free product.
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ORthey writes "This sort of seems like an ad for a product?"

I suppose all FPPs are sort of ads for the target site. The software tag page is essentially all posts of this nature.

At any rate I've been playing with this all evening. The software is easy to use, does what it says, and the automagic javascript enabled web page creating aspect of the software I thought was pretty cool.
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Yeah sorry, didn't mean to be rude. I love making crosswords and I love the internet. QED I like this, then.
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Good god, I've been agonizing over how to buy/create christmas gifts for my family, being as poor as I am. I now know what I can get my dad -- a dozen impossibly difficult crossword puzzles based on all the awesome stuff he's ever taught me.

Or maybe three dozen. Because he's taught me a lot.

Thanks so much for this.
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The best page I've found for automatically creating newspaper-style crosswords is Robert Morris's Custom Crossword Generator. (You can also get the source here, if you want different patterns on the grid.)
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Thanks for the link Upton. Unixy crossword goodness!
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why do you hate my productivity?
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