Gregory Brotherton—metal sculpture
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Gregory Brotherton. Figurative metal sculpture. Often shiny. Some using discarded machine parts.
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This is amazing, inspiring stuff.

The more realistic human figures look like they were generated from 3D graphic models. Possibly not, but it'd be a way to get a similar effect. (This cardboard Gandhi may or may not have been linked from MetaFilter before. He's nowhere near as flashy, but he's a good illustration of the principle.)
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I see some new work; he's been busy.

The lighting and photography of the work enhances the presentation a lot.
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Greg's work is great and what you can't see from static images is that many of them are articulated. You can spin them or they swing parts of them like pendulums. Device Gallery in La Jolla, CA is run by he and his wife and the art they exhibit is always fantastic. If you are anywhere near I recommend you check it out. They are very personable and love to talk about art.
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I like these.

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Great stuff. Thanks, Slithy_Tove and podwarrior.
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'Brotron' sounds like some kind of fratboy robot, though.
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Wow, it's literally figurative.
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The figurines made me think David-Cronenberg-meets-Tim-Burton.
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