Steampunk has its Orson Welles
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New Hampshire's Drawing Room at the Edge of the Universe. A Christmas carol for the coming depression. A ballad about accidental second chances. A canceled fireworks display leads to a midnight balloon ride and a mysterious quest. Welcome to Atoms, Motion, and the Void. You are the guest of septuagenarian Sherwin Sleeves, and these are his stories.

AMV is a podcast of poignant, wistful, and disquieting fictional recollections of life in Lemon, New Hampshire. Sleeves is the alter-ego of writer and performer Sean Hurley and his podcast can be heard on New Hampshire Public Radio and XM satellite radio. A stage production of AMV was filmed for possible future release. While he welcomes downloads of his podcasts and songs, you can support him by purchasing his song here.
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Man, I heard this a few weeks back on NHPR and wondered what the heck it was. Thanks!
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My parents have been going on about this since it began. Didn't realize it was available as a podcast. Thanks! NH Representing!
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Never heard this before. I dig it.
That said, NHPR is the absolute worst NPR station I've ever heard. Day after day, the inanity of the "The Exchange" subject matter never failed to amaze me.
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Where do I find the podcast? Not the plain ol' page of mp3's pointed to in the FPP, but the podcast?

I can't find it on the iTunes Music Store, or's podcast directory.

Either I'm doing it wrong (entirely possible) or else this word "podcast" does not mean what you think it means ...
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Whoa! It is not everyday that I check out Metafilter and see a stage production I directed. Thanks to whoever posted this. Here are some pics. Sean Hurley/Sherwin Sleeves is amazing. The first time I heard him I was memorized. His stories are a true treasure. He's a real talent.
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Where do I find the podcast? Not the plain ol' page of mp3's pointed to in the FPP, but the podcast?

Here's one poorly formed, but good enough for iTunes to download all 34 episodes so far.
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I'm sorry I never got to see the play. Any updates on releasing the filmed version?
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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants review in the first episode nearly had tea coming out of my nose. I'm on about episode 5 or 6 now. This is great.
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hello my friends! "Podcast" is probably not the best term for AMV. I never turned it into a feedable thing, partly cause I'm not very savvy, but mostly cause I use (c) songs and just thought I'd more create a private entertainment for whoever was interested.

Also the Film of the Play is for sale. 5 bucks at Kunaki.

Thanks my friends!
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