In the goode olde dayes
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What's important about St. Mary's City? Margaret Brent was the first woman to petition for the right to vote in English America in 1648
Mathias de Sousa was the first man of African descent to vote in North America in 1642.
The first Catholic Mass was celebrated in English America by Fr. Andrew White 1634, who also described his 1633 Voyage to Maryland (translated from latin). It was also the location of the first Print House in the southern colonies of America. (more articles).( map Then and Now)
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Hey, my alma mater! 92'. Wow how nice, a MeFi FPP. It's a little podunk out of the way place few people go too but yeah it has a ton of important history and beautiful sort of lazy Sunday afternoon serenity conductive to drinking Natty Boh. According to Wikipedia:
St. Mary's City is the fourth oldest permanent settlement in British North America and is considered the birthplace of religious toleration in America, owing to the Act Concerning Religion. The city was also the first place in America where a woman asked for the right to vote, and a man of African descent voted in the Assembly at one point.
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Thanks adamvasco. I love a good history post.
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Ditto. Good post.
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St. Mary's County is also probably one of the more beautiful areas in Maryland. Great post, by the way.
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