RIP Dorothy Porter
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Australian poet Dorothy Porter passed away December 10th Dorothy Porter dead at 54.

Sitting on the train home from work I picked up a copy of The Daily Telegraph discarded on the seeat in front of me. Buried on page 20, was a tiny 8cm x 8cm article on the passing of Dorothy Porter, at age 54. Having only read "Ahkenaten" at university earlier this year, I was somewhat saddened by the news, but also by the pitiful size of the article that carried it. There are better written obits on almost any other news site on the internet.

Here's some of her work available online. But the work of hers which I'll remember most fondly is her collaboration with jazz musician Paul Grabowsky, and singer Katie Noonan, Before Time Could Change Us.
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Don't feel bad. Poets are lucky, our whole lives are obituaries. Death is just another .
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Bundy pains you
Sydney's a blight
Swimming strains you
And crocs do bite
Boomerangs can't aim
Cane toads smell
Dingoes are too tame
Down Under is Hell
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...and dammit I'll never be a poet 'cos I've already spotted 2 typos in my original post. No more early morning posting for me.
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I think you miss the essence of poetry if you think that you can't be one because of typos.

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Writer Dorothy Porter was bigger than poetry

I think pretty much everything is bigger than poetry.
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