A Disturbing Trend
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I can't tell if I should be amused (no videos found) or disturbed by the multitude of Barbie sex videos on Youtube (All links NSFW!) MLYT
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I have the only job in the world that puts a person in the position where they're required by professional obligation to utter this sentence: "These men-playing-with-Barbie sex videos are more just gross than interesting, and they're not being received well." -- cortex

I thought that's what Barbie dolls were for.

I think I mentioned here before that one of my friends had a theory about Barbie and women's sexuality.

See. we all had multiple Barbie dolls. Maybe Skipper,but mostly just Barbie.
If there was a Ken doll around, there was maybe just one.

One of the natural things to do with Barbies, since they were the only toy that roughly approximated the nude, mature human form, was to make them have sex.

Her thinking was that because we had Barbie to experiment with, women were more comforble with bisexuality and homosexuality than men. (I don't know if y'all made your GI Joe's bump uglies asexual plastic mounds - I'm sure you won't tell me.)

Anyway, it makes sense to me. Although my most vivid memory of playing with Barbie as kid was melting her head to a lightbulb and almost starting a fire.

As an adult, I did make Barbie "anatomically correct" with the assistance of a Dremel tool. Alas, Porn Star Babie was meltered in a house fire.

So, um ..I can't tell if you should be amused or disturbed either. I would say amused, but I'm maybe not the best person to ask. Talk to that normal person over there.
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I can't tell if I should be amused or disturbed by Louche Mustachio.
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Usually, when Barbie finally got to do the nasty with Ken, after all the a-mwa-mwa-uh-ooh "Oh Felicity, you taste so goood" (or Madison or whatever you thought was the BEST NAME) face-knocking and outright smushing, if you had a good co-smusher, and after the totally least sexy undressing ritual a doll could model, we just left them laying on each other for a while and went and ate a fruit-roll up wrapped around our thumbs and sucked while watching Duck Tales, just left them parked there, getting cold under Barbie's crappy bedspread. 8 year olds don't know much about cunnilingus, apparently.

To this day, if you get me in bed, I get terrible cravings for fruit roll-ups. Wrapped around my thumb. Apricot.
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I suspect a big motivation for creating and posting those videos is just to tweak Mattel. They are notoriously straight-laced about this kind of thing.
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Okay, just watched every single video. Aaaaand gonna go ahead and flag. This is dull. Grown men? Tres inauthentique!
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I can tell.
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Veljko Zejak - Sex Machine
(cycled endlessly through many positions... totally hypnotic)

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I didn't RTFA because I was hoping to learn the MLYT acronym (may link to youtube?).
But yeah with all the grandkids bringing their toys over to Granny's house, you'd think there'd be more GI-Joes there.
Interesting theory. Might RTFA.
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Feel somewhat more normal now. I didn't have a Barbie house, but I had a kind of babydoll cradle we converted into a soap opera fantasy Barbie penthouse suite. Most of my friends wanted to play fashion show with their Barbies, but a friend of mine and I used to have Barbie dates, including kissing and dancing. She kissed me when we were a little older, but it was in a kind of sweet, confused Mormon girl kissing a good friend sorta way. My Barbie date friend, that is, not Barbie herself. One of our other friends found out about the Barbie dates and started saying we were weird for playing like that, so we swiped some Star Wars figurines and had our Barbies start going out with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett.
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I for one love this post! They were all at least mildly amusing, some extremely amusing. True it gets old quick, but the thought that this sort of thing might exist is of course an obvious one, but not one that would occur naturally in a healthy normal brain. The Distu one is especially fantastic. Crossing Barbi with Gollum and then having evil sex?
Hah! Thank you Internet!
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Thirteen year old boys are posting videos to youtube now? Woah, no way.
posted by mattoxic at 2:30 AM on December 12, 2008

Did this cover any sophmoric, comedic ground that Team America missed?
posted by BrotherCaine at 3:35 AM on December 12, 2008

We used to play barbies all the time, for years, but never once, not once, did the barbies have sex. We were angelic children.
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@louche mustachio-- Jan? Is that you?
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I don't know much about dirty barbies, but my kids love the youtube Thomas the Tank Engine snuff movies
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Guess you all have seen Zombie Barbie already. But yeah, Barbie sex videos on the internet, not at all surprising.
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Female seeking Male: Me: long blonde plastic hair, thin but curves in all the right places, right ear slightly burned. I'm an independent woman. Own my own Dream Houseā„¢ and pink corvette. Seeking equally plastic male with no genitalia for possible YouTubery.
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If this was from Japan is would be completely normal.
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"Barbie is a whore"? Yeah, flagged.
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Barbie and Ken had a lot to do with shaping (or, at the very least, recognizing) my sexuality. I'm male, incidentally, but all my siblings and most of my friends were female. Consequently, I was the Ken on a nearly daily basis. This involved dressing him up, which necessitated denuding him to the shiny vinyl. It was an enjoyable pastime.

You have no idea how frustrated I was when, circa 1987, Mattel started moulding Ken's smooth area into non-removable briefs. It was less disturbing on the one hand -- there was the new possibility that he might actually have genitals -- but it just felt like such a tease.

It's probably worth noting that Barbie (i.e. Bild Lili) was originally marketed to adult men: She was originally marketed to adults in bars and tobacco shops as a joke or gag gift. Many parents considered her not appropriate for children. Ariel Levy refers to her as a "sex doll" in Female Chauvinist Pigs. A German brochure from the 1950s states that Lilli was "always discreet," and that her wardrobe made her "the star of every bar."
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