The Turn - Fredo Viola
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The Turn is the latest creation from multi-media singer/artist Fredo Viola. Using multi-track recordings of his voice in rich harmony, coupled with unusual video vignettes, The Turn [flash] offers a dozen performances of Viola's interesting integration of voice and visual artistry. His first album was just released this week on iTunes and includes works like The Sad Song.
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These are quite interesting. I like the flash interface, but it does make it hard to point toward a particular song. For example, lately I've been collecting versions of Silent Night. Viola has one, which I like. You can hear it by dragging one of the smaller dark green squares through the circle. Not a light green square. Not the big dark green square. And no, not that smaller dark green square, the other one.
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Here's a direct link to Silent Night tlf.
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Thanks netbros. I should have poked around a little more on his website before complaining about the flash interface.
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The interface is annoying, but once you get past it, yeah, it's pretty good.
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A pointless aside, but... 455 matches for flash interface across comments ...and almost none of them have ever been positive.

Which is probably why they haven't implemented my idea for a new whiz-bang flash interface for Metafilter.
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I don't mean to cheapen this in any way, but parts of the The Sad Song remind me of bits of Take on Me by A-Ha.
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I'll get me coat.
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pretty nice. it's no sung tongs, tho.
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It rather detracts from the The Sad Song that the lyrics sound like "Body wrap, body wrap, body wrap...".
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