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Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very, very much for waiting! And now, won't you welcome please the isolated bass of John Entwistle. (Good stuff at 01:22 on second link).
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Wow. No wonder why he looks so bored.
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Entwistle was once asked about his favorite heavy metal bands. He didn't really have any, he explained: "I'm only interested in heavy metal when it's me who's playing it," said Entwistle. "I suppose it's a bit like smelling your own farts."
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Clearly Entwistle is not responsible for the mysterious Bass Face phenomenon.
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Those were great. If the internet gets any better I don't know what I'm going to do.
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Holy cow, did you see the size of that clap board in the second link!
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Both those clips are from the stuff the filmed especially for The Kids Are Alright around 1978. I think it is some of the last stuff they did with Moon. They were getting a bit long in the tooth even back then, but I've always love that performance of "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Here's the full band versions of these here and here.

I must have gone to see that movie six times at the theater, I was about 17 at the time. I can still watch it anytime.
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I have always liked the moment (8:08 in the first link) when Entwistle sees Townshend go sliding past. The gaps between their respective stage personas are summed up with that puzzled half-scowl: you can almost hear Entwistle thinking, "Wanker."
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Marxchivist is right. These tracks are included as bonus material on the DVD reissue of the Kids Are Alright, which I highly recommend. Hearing The Ox on Live at Leeds was what made me want to pick up a bass in the first place. Good, good stuff.
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something really exciting is happening just out of frame on stage left. whatever it is leaves mr. entwistle utterly unmoved.
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Is anyone else getting an overpowering urge to turn the audio track in the first link into a completely different song? Something electro maybe?

Oh, just me then?
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Fascinating, fascinating video. I liked his stuff but now I know!

I'm sure that the reason why Entwhistle looks bored or sometimes a littel grumpy is because he's clearly always thinking about how to get a little extra out of the part. I have to say that I never heard all the grace notes and pitch bends he uses to decorate these simple lines before this.

I have to say however that the bass line to Baba O'Riley is pretty dull on its own. It's the best line for the piece, though!
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Hah, I went back to the music I was playing before and it was Terry Riley. Entertaining coincidence!
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Good stuff at 01:22 on second link

You can direct-link to a timecode on youtube by adding #t=_m_s.
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I like right around 3:29 when Daltry comes prancing into the frame briefly. Hilarious.
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God, how much pot have I smoked to this song? And yet, even though that's all about, um, a really really long time ago, just hearing the bass-line I can imagine being stoned again.
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I saw John play at a very small club a few years before his death. He had a singer who did a surprisingly convincing Daltrey, but the obvious highlight was seeing him play bass from just a few feet away.

And as said above, that isolated footage is on the bonus footage of Kids Are Alright. The whole concert (Kilburn 1977) is on DVD along with a more vintage concert. I also just saw most of that show a few weeks ago on cable (although the exact channel escapes me at the minute). Even though the band were not at the top of thier game, it's still well worth seeing. At times Townshend seems downright giddy.
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Entwhistle was amazing.
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But could he have jammed out on a one string, washtub gas tank bass like this guy from Split Lip Rayfield?
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cool the Who knew how to do it ... how to top that? give me Sir Paul ,isolated, playing Getting Better or Dont Let me Down. srsly

oh shit here, then
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(sorry )
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