The Short Films of Nacho Vigalondo
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The Best Youtube Videos of Spanish Filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo (previously).

A few additional Nacho links:
-his blog (in Spanish).
-Io9 interview on his upcoming movie Timecrimes.
-2005 Salon article about 7:35 in the Morning.
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Omigod, thank you for this. Code 7 is the best oddball hilarity. The narration at 1:26 almost put me out of my chair. It manages to capture Philip K. Dick perfectly while being really, really short and funny. Then, holy shit, Code 7, Episode 2. How can I be laughing so hard at 2:20? It's the same damn footage but just brilliantly done. Episode 3 drops the ball a little by going obviously meta but now that I think of it that's pretty accurately Dick-ian, too.

Anyway, I'd never heard of this guy before, and can't wait to explore that awesome first link and the interviews more. Thanks again for this one, Staggering Jack.
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7:35 in the Morning is absolutely sublime.

I really wanted to go see Los Cronocrimenes when it was out here in Madrid, but my Spanish wasn't quite up to following it without subtitles.

Thanks for posting this.
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I really wanted to go see Los Cronocrimenes

I hope it plays near me soon. Vigalondo does a good job with short films and it will be interesting to see how he does in a long format. I first heard of him here on the blue and then later found myself chuckling to Sunday and Changing the World and thinking hey, that's the same 7:35 guy.
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code 7, saxified
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Well, this is a bit late in the day, but I bought a copy of Los Cronocrimenes on DVD (the Spanish version has English subs, btw) today. I liked it. It's an undeniably flawed film, but definitely has elements and tell-tale signs of a promising director. The adjustment from short-form to long-form is not an easy one (I say this as someone who never mastered even the short form...)

His understanding of the audio-visual language of cinema is very evident and he gets an excellent performance from Elejalde (who I don't really know, so I can't compare it to his previous performances). The story is mostly let down by some of the writing and slightly odd pacing. Definitely worth seeing though. Vigalondo also plays one character in the movie...
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