A Very Haeckel Christmas
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Ernst Haeckel's 1904 "Kunstformen der Natur" [Artforms of Nature] is a classic of biological illustration. What is less generally known is that the artist started as a Christmas card designer. [previously here and here]
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And set designer for Björk.
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I've got a Haeckel tattoo! My wife does, too. Both from the Artforms of Nature. As a wedding present.
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I own Kustformen in a first edition German. I would kill for one of these.
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I've got a Haeckel tattoo! My wife does, too

Any special meaning (e.g. biologists)?
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Ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

It took me a minute.
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ha - just got my iphone laser-engraved at a make magazine event with a haeckel antelope.... beautiful stuff...
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These lovely cards are the result of a true master craftsman excelling at his art at the peak of his talent. Each one is an exquisite artifact, so lovingly laid out with string, glue, inks, stamps...resulting in a gift that would truly honor the recipient. The mixture of science and artistry, craft and observation...i would call this time period the apex of western design aesthetic. the Victorian, early art nouveau design movement combined the natural and human and mythological so well and created such lovely objects and crafts...i really do wish we put half as much effort into adorning the objects that surround us as these industrious people did so long ago...perhaps with financial matters trending as they are, people will begin to take up greater care in selecting and presenting the objects in their lives that surround them daily.

anyway, lovely post...my more farflung acquaintances will be certainly be receiving some of these electronically in the next couple of weeks.
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