We're not a bunch of internet-loners!
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We're not a bunch of internet-loners! We're vindicated - new study shows that people who become reclusives though using the internet are in a minority.
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The problem with the Stanford report is that it purports to be documenting a real problem, when in fact, their entire research methodology was based on rhetoric and half-baked theory. The conclusion hinges entirely on vague category definitions and a lot more heresay than actual data. The whole study just don't stand up. And no less an Internet sociological expert than Jakob Nielson refutes the myth of the "Internet Loner" in his latest Alertbox article.I personally think the Stanford research is a big loada. Number one, I was reclusive from the beginning. That's why BBSes had such appeal, despite 2400 baud modems. Number two, spending my downtime online makes me more efficient and creatively prolific anyway. I still play in bands, go to movies and school, read books for fun.I must admit, though, I should be working on a paper right now. Guess my whole point flies out the window, eh?
posted by legibility at 9:27 PM on February 20, 2000

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