A merry "Bah, Humbug!" to us all
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A year or so I linked the Escape Pod's recording of "In The Late December" here. It still fits.
So does "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fish-Men." (But this link is to the World of Warcraft version.)
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That Futurama episode always warms the watchacallits of my heart. Cockles.
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Okay ... is that Futurama song a filk on some common melody I should know and will be embarrassed to discover by asking?
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A couple of the MST links are to host segments in the middle of longer clips (linked to with precision with the inside-video linking feature). This was done because, to my surprise, the Christmas Essay segment (with Servo's hilariously dark take on space-Santa) did not have its own clip on YouTube, that I could find anyway.
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The MST3k Christmas episodes still make me cry. Joel's essay followed by Gypsy's nativity scene, "Christmas comes but once a year so for a few days for crying out loud can we all just get along?", the Lupita scenes in Santa Claus; they made me tear up even back when I was a kid (well, teen) and shouldn't have thought the holidays were sad yet. The way adults do.

I know it's just a show and I should really just relax, but dammit I miss those Minnewegian bastards. Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic—they're just not the same. Or maybe they're too much the same, too much like people trying a little too earnestly to be something they used to be and aren't anymore and can't ever be again. You can't go home again. And it turns out that's exactly the thing that makes adults sad about the holidays: every year you get a reminder that things aren't what they were and they will never be again, and so naturally you have to think about whether they're better or worse, and sometimes you aren't happy with the answer.

... Um. Sorry everybody. Genuinely, to everybody here: Happy Noel.
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Well penduluum, this is all true. But at least we have DVDs now instead of fading third-generation video tapes, so we can watch the episodes when we want. It's not the same as turning on Comedy Central on Thanksgiving and getting treated to a glorious grab-bag of episodes, but at least we don't have to dance around their crazy scheduling, or deal with Penn Jilette's loud (but ultimately sympathetic to the cause) voice speaking over the credits.

And the show IS on DVD, which is a rather amazing coup all itself, it being so difficult to get rights to many of the movies and considering that, what with CC's cooled attitude to the show, it's rather lucky that Best Brains owns the rights considering it started up just when deregulation made it okay for networks to own most of their programming.

Anyway, I'm thinking it was a mistake combining these things into one post. I had considered that a one-link Christmas post was too light, so I threw in everything I had at once. Now maybe no one will read the rather awesome Conan-esque Grinch story on The Cimmerian....
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Reading it now, and it's great. Your point's taken about the old VHS tapes, too; I think I still have all of mine in a box in my parents' house somewhere and I'm thankful for the DVDs, God knows. No, it's a good post. All that was just the first thing I thought of when I saw the door sequence and Crow standing there with his Rudolph nose on.
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JHarris, no worries-- I read a big chunk of that Grinch story aloud to Mr. F on the drive home, proper Gaelic flourishes on Garrinchogh Dubh and all.
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Here is one of my favorite Christmas MST3K moments, Are you ready to be merry!
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I loved the Grinch story. It works well as an aboriginal revenge tale.
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The Who-word for the people of the peaks was Grinch, from the Latin Grinchii, but this was merely a clumsy-tongued truncation of Garrinch, a word as old and sharp-edged as the mountains the aboriginals had stalked for ages as numberless as the snowflakes. His own name, when there had still been a reason to have a name because others of his race still survived to call him by it, had been Garrinchogh Dubh. The Whos, when they could bring themselves to refer to him at all, called him The Grinch, as one might say The Devil.

By Crom! This is sublime.
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The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time

I would totally go to a theater and pay money to see A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg.

I would also pay to see a full-length KISS Saves Santa.
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I love this, with the special kind of love that is spelled LOmst3kVE.

I commented on the YouTube "video" of Tom Lehrer's 'Christmas Carol' thusly:

Um...your only contribution to a legitimate work of genius is to type and animate the lyrics, and yet you can't be bothered to capitalize, apostrophize, typographize, etceterize appropriately or accurately? Bah. Humbug. Lehrer would be ashamed.

...and my comment was promptly ignored by my own YouTube Comment Snob filter, for multiple misspelled words. Then I realized that the curmudgeonly old man yet to learn the true meaning of Christmas.........was, in fact...........Dick Cheney. (Ha, ha! That asshole!)
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I keep thinking I hear my cell phone during all these videos. Does anyone else hear that weird beeping sound?
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