Be a ruthless banker in your pyjamas.
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Snowed in this weekend? Done with your Christmas shopping? Perhaps you're in no mood to shop anymore. Gather your friends together for a low-tech round of The Economist's Credit Crunch Board Game.
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Is it wrong that I'm more excited about the game currency they've made? It means new money for my Cheapass Games.
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Hats off to you and yours! I love a game that reflects our current financial woes.

Merry merry,

Mr. Monopoly
Still #6 if any of you are still counting
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Mildly amusing, but why do people think rolling a dice (or coins) and moving that many spaces is an acceptable mechanic these days? No wonder boardgames are unpopular.
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The best part is that you get to literally print your own money.
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Damn. It's too bad I have 'moonMan's Xmas present already. He's a total board game nut. Oh yeah, and he works for a hedge fund, which these days is a lot like rolling the dice "I'm still employed today, 1... I'm still employed today, 2..."
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So, is it any fun?
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Who Invented Monopoly?:
Charles Darrow, a US citizen, invented Monopoly in 1931, during the Great Depression. Out of work, Darrow earned a living inventing puzzles and games, to sell to toy-makers.
Monopoly's Staying Power:
During the depths of the Great Depression, suggests Orbanes, playing Monopoly was a way of escaping economic privation while aspiring to the power of a Morgan.
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Actually the Charles Darrow thing isn't true. There were a number of games that predate "Monopoly" that were essentially the same game, like "The Landlord's Game," dating to 1904.
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