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Perennial MeFi favourite Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, the behatted ex-pat brit best known for the bitingly sarcastic game reviews in Zero Punctuation (previously on MeFi) has a new project...

...and some friends, apparently. Teaming up with Guy "Yug" Blomberg and Matt "Matt" Burgess of the AustralianGamer podcast (upon which Yahtzee has previously been a guest), the three Australian-based game lovers have produced GameDamage, a pilot episode of a game review- preview- and humour- show.

More ambitious than the usual 5-minute video podcast, the pilot runs as a half-hour TV magazine show format ranging from on-the-sofa interaction between the three hosts, cutaway pre-recorded monologues, skits (of varying quality, to be honest) and a grand prize* competition...

The makers have made it clear that this is not "Zero Punctuation TV", nor do they have any desire to make it so, but are instead going for a wider web-based or even true TV audience, if the pilot drums up enough interest.

*For certain values of "Grand Prize", that is...
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(Jesus Christ, you almost gave me a heart attack. For whatever reason, when I read the beginning of this post I thought this was gonna be obitfilter.)
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I would just like to say that Zero Punctuation makes me want to have Yahtzee's children. Even though I am already a gaming widow. (Hi liquidindian!)
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I like Yahtzee a lot, mainly for saying things that need to be said (and very quickly at that), so I really don't want him to have too much success.

You see, right now he swaggers with exactly the right amount of full-of-himself, so if he gets too much head inflation, I fear the entertainment will be overshadowed by pontification.

And tits.
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It kinda reminds me of The Totally Rad Show (which I LOVE) but not as good (sorry Yahtzee..i still love zero punc though)
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Ah, but will it best Videogaiden? That contains both videogames and Scottishness. (Hi, liquidindian!)
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Zero Punctuation is an excellent set of 3 minute game reviews.

This... this isn't very good, I'm afraid.
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This is garbage and on his best day Yahtzee couldn't hope to carry Seanbaby's toiletries bag when it comes to being funny about video games.
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I really enjoy Zero Punctuation but I tolerated about two and a half minutes of this. Everything - the set, production, the copy and delivery by the, uh, panelists, just seemed a little too much on the shoddy side. What makes Zero Punctuation work is the tightly edited, rapid-fire pace of the dialog combined with the torrent of blink-and-miss-them visual puns of the animations. Does it pick up later in? Any time-stamped highlights?
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Though i am a big fan of the single-serving Zero Punctuation reviews, this pilot started grinding on my nerves after about 10 minutes.

It's one thing to be contrarian on solid, factual grounding, but another thing altogether if you're just whining all the time and wrong -- In this case Yahtzee was both. Outside the indie game bit, he had scant one positive remark in the entire show, and reported multiple inaccuracies regarding Fable 2. He claimed that he didn't like it because there wasn't the old 'go slay dragons' thing he expected (from where did this expectation come from, anyway?) and that that you needed to have a job in the game... which if true would have been a seriously negative thing... but it's not true and well i'm just not that thrilled. Yes, i did love Fable 2 but i don't think he had much of anything worthwhile to add to any segment of this episode.

Let the other guys talk more, and reign in Yahtzee's negativity shtick about 15% and this show might get a deal.
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None of those guys know how to handle themselves in front of a camera. All excessive emoting, or dead stares. It drove me nuts. I couldn't get more than a quarter through it before I got tired of the couch dudes tittering incessantly as Yahtzee talked.
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I wanted to enjoy this, but it wasn't good. They need more practice in front of the camera.
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I can't imagine watching the whole thing, the first 10 minutes felt like an hour.
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exactly one minute to a python reference.
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my god, "Yahtzee" has a face made for radio and his sidekicks have slightly less charisma than dick cheney. nobody would spring for a production deal? not even the cable tv station somewhere near channel eight-hundred? might there be a reason?

this feels like a show that would love to be charlie brooker's screenwipe but just isn't anything more than a local-access tv show on the proper catbreeding hosted by three elderly dogs.
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and yet, it could reboot G4, I think.
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I watched it, I like zero punctuation because its insightful and funny, I don't like this. It isn't funny. It isn't much of anything. The part about the evolution of adventure games was worthwhile, but that was it. In order to see that you had to watch Master Chief clowning around like goofy from Disneyland. The fact that their ideas for repeated segments are so piss poor doesn't bode well either.

It needs to be scripted yahtzee is a funny comic writer and a good critic. I could see a review show where the show a trailer for a game, talk about what they thought of the game, had some other stuff, talked about the industry, and had an american idol like back and forth with yahtzee playing the simon cowell to another cast members sober paula abdul..
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I love Zero Puntuation and I don't even play computer games at the moment...

However this is just hideous... it's sooo amaturish. Either learn your script, get an autocue or just wing it... don't glance down at your notes every five seconds. A decent microphone might help too. And the camera with the red light? That's the one you are supposed to speak to.
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No videogames reviewing was ever as good as Digitiser. As someone who hasn't bothered to play games since her parents stuck the SNES in the loft, it was required readng.
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Oh. man./
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I miss Bits
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Not very good. Much too long. If it's not actually been commissioned, it's really a "pilot presentation," which is a shorter version of the show used to sell the concept, which would then land them a "pilot," which is commissioned by a network.

The general rule on pilot presentations is shorter is better - longer than a trailer, but much shorter than a real episode - more like 6 minutes than 30. This was actually LONGER than a 1/2 hour TV show actually is (28 minutes vs. American TV at 22 minutes), and horribly amateurish.

None of them should be in front of the camera. There's a reason they hire stupid beautiful people to read the text written by uncharismatic smart people. It makes better TV.
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I love yahtzee, but that sucked.
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Mmm ... I enjoy Zero Punctuation, but as full-out entertainment, rather than any kind of actual review. (A reviewer isn't very helpful if he doesn't like any of the stuff he's reviewing, at all, ever.) This? This, not so much.
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A reviewer isn't very helpful if he doesn't like any of the stuff he's reviewing, at all, ever.

He liked Fallout 3. And, uh...hm.
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voltairemodern: Also all the games from the Orange Box, especially Portal. And some polish FPS that no one has ever heard of.
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And Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.
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He loves Painkiller.
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He liked Braid
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(And has more than once sang the praises of Psychonauts)
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