The Grand Experiment
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History Repeats Itself in Different Hues -- a readable Q&A data dump comparing the economics and policy responses of 1990s Japan and current events
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oops -- warning -- PDF!
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argh!!! nO!!!! too late!!!!
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Dude. Obama is a center-right politician, and I knew it when I voted for him as left-of-center New Englander. Much like Clinton, when faced with economic mess Regan and Bush I left, Obama has brought on board the smartest people he can find to deal with it.

Yes, the economy will be going from bad to worse as we approach the inauguration, and yes, it will get worse still for a few months thereafter. Or even a few years.

But, by 2012, we will be in Clintonirvana - Savvy figurehead appoints deputies who know what the hell they're doing, and waltzes into a re-election when the big-brains bring things to better-than-normal before his four years are up.

Unlike Clinton, Obama is a technocrat nerd and obsessive perfectionist as well as being a charismatic leader who understands delegation.

The twenty-tweens? Gonna be good times. We will have to endure three years of hell to get there, tho.
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First we need fewer patsies and crooks. There's a better way to get schooling than slogging through another Great Depression, it's called "school".
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Yes, graduate school is currently providing me an excellent shelter from the prevailing economic winds!
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Pardon my subtlety. I was placing partial blame for this, and all other bubbles on ignorance. "If only people would get wise" is, admittedly wishful thinking, but what do you think - can't a general "dumbing down" trump even the best policy decisions? Continue trolling and flaming if that floats your boat.
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