Elves Under Hoof
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Elves Under Hoof (direct link to a zipped file of four PDFs) is a free print-and-play solitaire game from Dan Verssen. From the rules: Victory: You win when the last elf is dead. You achieve a Prancing Victory if you have 5 or more surviving reindeer. You get a Spoiled Meat Victory if you have 2 or less surviving reindeer. You lose if all your reindeer are killed and left to rot in the snow. It is included, naturally, in the Games involving Elf Death list at BoardGameGeek.
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Nifty! We may play this as a warm-up game before my Sunday night roleplaying group.
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Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily
I like to kill elves.
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Funny you should mention this...

I've been enjoying the latest version of Crimbo Town in KoL for much of this month.

This year, it appears that Uncle Crimbo has borrowed a bunch of meat -- KoL currency -- from the Mafia penguins in order to buy a brand new nuclear-powered Crimbo Town toy factory... but it appears he built the nuclear reactor and toy factory on the cheap, and has embezzled the rest of the money, leaving the elves in it to hideously mutate, while the penguins have taken over the old toy factory as partial payment on the debt.

Sure, we could recite "The Spirit of Crimbo" to them and turn them back into their good-ol'-normal elves, but then we'd miss out on their drops!

The most recent stats on the KOL website had about 3 million mafia penguins killed so far... and about 2.7 million elves, with the number of elves who had been restored from their mutated form at about a tenth of that figure.
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Looks like more elves are getting killed, due to another type of elf being rolled out...

From the KoL site:
Elves Defeated: 4,414,975
Elves Cured: 1,527,416
Penguins Defeated: 3,930,244
Penguins Bribed: 468,538

It's an elven holocaust!
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