An die freude!
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Ten winners in the Goethe Institute's Schiller rap contest.
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I hope Embi's excellent An die Freude will find a place in your holiday celebrations.
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(Note the contest was limited to school-age kids, 10-18 years old, and they were required to use instrumental tracks provided by the institute.)
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Slowakei, represent! (Two showings, way to go)

This is pretty fun.
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The songs aren't loading for me.
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I expected something wincingly bad and was not disappointed.
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Deine Reime sind Schweine.

Snark auf Deutsch.
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Schiller's iller.

Wiener Blut, immer gut! I keep on replaying that Falco track. Ten years after his death, he's still a huge deal in Austria.
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Mmmm.... Falco
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At first, I thought it said, "Goetse Institute," and I wondered where the NSFW tag was...

Instead, I saw this...
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Could everybody please stop rapping now. Please. especially in german
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My favorite for 'hip-hop in uncomfortable languages' has to be Opgezwolle, because the production is sick and they spit in Dutch.
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Sportfreunde Schiller: Ich rappe
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Ouch! I only listened to the top three, probably didn't help that they had to use the tracks provided by the institute...

"Could everybody please stop rapping now. Please. especially in german"

It's not that good rap and the german language are mutually exclusive. Though most of german rap nowadays is pseudo-gangster crap, there are some artists that I still like.
-Beginning with one of the first german language crews, Advanced Chemistry and their anti-racist classic "Fremd im eigenen Land" from 92 to the early stuff from Hamburg, like Absolute Beginner ("Füchse", "Hammerhart"), Fünf Sterne Deluxe and
Samy Deluxe;
-From Stuttgart came, besides the popular Fantastischen Vier (Krieger - I loved that song as a teen; Tag am Meer), Freundeskreis and Afrob (his first hit Reimemonster or the more political Made in Germany and Öffne die Augen together with D-Flame).
-The afro-german all star group Brothers Keepers who came out with the song after Adriano after Alberto Adriano was murdered by nazis in 2000.

Unfortunatly in Frankfurt and Berlin a different style gained popularity. 1994 the Rödelheim Hartreim Project released their first album and set the tone for later unenlightened sexist and homophobic acts like Azad or Cool Savas in Berlin. While the latter at least has some technical skill, current emissions from my city make me wish that everybody would stop rapping now. Especially in german.

Some bands alredy took the advice and confine themselves to fun and danceable post-hiphop styles, like Fettes Brot with Schwule Mädchen ("gay girls", affirming the disses by gangster rappers) or Deichkind with Arbeit Nervt ("work sucks". You should see them live)
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