snow days
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The Digital Snow Museum has all kinds of photographs and images of snow around the world. With an assortment of forecasting tools, weather maps, travel reports, info for skiers and snowboarders, a library and art gallery. Let It Snow. For those in the northern hemisphere, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, the darkest day of the year. From this day until that of Midsummer, the days grow longer. Previously. posted by nickyskye (6 comments total) 5 users marked this as a favorite
Here's a cute little site with many links to winter and other snow related sites.
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From this day until that of Midsummer, the days grow longer.

Thank goodness. It's like living at the bottom of a well here in Cleveland. In the first 11 days of December, there were only 11 hours of sunshine. You go into work in the dark and you come home in the dark. The snow partially melted and turned to slush, then froze solid, turning the ground into a giant grey Anselm Keifer canvas. (Still, when it comes to sunshine Cleveland -- with 202 cloudy days a year -- is better than Seattle, whose 226 cloudy days a year make it the 14th dreariest city in America. What I can't understand is why people put up lights and tinsel and make merry in December, when winter is still a novelty, rather than in February and March, when the drear has sunk into your bones, and any little spot of cheer would be welcome.
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Our snowman just got buried under fucking snow! Gah! Too much snow!
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A pink snow day would be fun. A species of algae takes up residence among the ice crystals, and it makes for watermelon snow .
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I remember this snowstorm pretty clearly, and there were at least two or three before that one that I remember from college that were not quite as spectacular but still impressive, what with the lake effect thundersnow and all. Few cities handle snow better, so if you are ever here and the snow hits, don't panic. Enjoy the ride.

That particular storm I linked to was nearly seven feet. At that point, life shuts down, work closes, and a lot of times, after the snowfall stops, people come out and start doing things like grilling and drinking beer on their porches (if they are clear of snow). If a bar is open it is full, and there are often roving packs of people with beer and shovels, going around, digging out their neighbors' doors and cars and windows. Or maybe that is just North Buffalo, I dunno. Either way, its kind of like a party.
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the 14th dreariest city in America

Cool site, Faze. Nice to know what cities have the sun. I handle the drear with chromalux lightbulbs from Sweden, that have a full spectrum of light. The real trick is to take a week's trip to the tropics and get a real dose of equatorial sunshine. Then the winter flies by and before one knows it, it's Spring again. I've heard that using a tanning salon also helps because absorbing UV rays in one's skin helps with feeling vitality?

watermelon snow

wow. That's fascinating. Thanks Kronos_to_Earth. That reminds me of red rains one hears about, rains of frogs or fish. Weird anomalies of natural science that nobody belies unless one sees it on the web, documented. Sure enough there really is something called Watermelon Snow that leaves the soles of one's shoes fluorescent pink. Way cool and strange.

I remember this snowstorm pretty clearly

Yeah oflinkey, it's interesting how one remembers snowstorms of yore. It's like days there was a blackout or an 'event'. It becomes part of one's personal history milestones, That Day Of The snowstorm. I remember certain years and the things I did at that time vividly because of The Blizzard When All NYC was Snowed Under or the Ice Storm.
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