Peter Funch's Babel Tales.
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Peter Funch's Babel Tales. A little street photography and a lot of montage.

via HCSP, which is apparently my goto place for links.
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Thanks for posting this - them photos are awesome... very dynamic and captivating! :-)
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Swedish photographer Ulf Lundin did pretty much the same thing a few years ago. Well only on a few of the shots in that series, I guess.

This image is my favorite. I have a postcard of this image on my refrigerator for about two years now. I should just frame it.
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Cool stuff. I'm a little behind - it took me a couple before I sort of got what was going on.
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really fascinating stuff. thanks for the post.
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It's a really interesting series. If my description was a bit obtuse, these photographs are composed of several shots of the same scene. He's creating these street shots by layering a bunch of photographs together. One of the shots I particularly liked was the street scene with nothing but children in it. This dudes photoshop kung fu is strong.
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I don't think I figured it out until I saw a bunch of women wearing skimpy sundresses when there's snow on the ground.
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Another great Lundin piece that would line up with Funch's work well.
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