Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with Drum and Bass
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Baptazia! And more... and more! The Holy Spirit descends, accompanied by Drum & Bass. See also, the first runner-up in MTV Latin America's "Make Your Radiohead Video" contest.
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I'm fairly certain these Baptazia videos took their cue from this, but I could be wrong.
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Has anyone every bothered to mention that Pentacostalism looks just like the possessions found in Voodoo rituals?
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Um... OK. So, it's, uh... videos of Pentecostal holy rollers clumsily edited together over drum & bass? And there are how many of these? And someone made a logo for it and everything?

You know, I generally don't like the phrase "they too much time on their hands", as it's usually used by dull people to refer to something cool or creative or of niche appeal and imply that the person being spoken of should spend more time on Good Protestant Drudgery, but whoever made this has too much time on their hands. I mean, like masturbating or nose-picking would be a more effective use of their time.
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I'm pretty sure we've seen this sort of thing before.
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It took me about 30 seconds of watching this to figure out that it wasn't real. Oh what a marvelous 30 seconds that was!
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"The National Anthem" overlayed onto this video is downright creepy, especially towards the end where the song falls apart and the women start crying...very cool though.
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The only thing I don't like about it is I didn't think of it first.
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How could anyone think this wasn't sick cultural remixing at its best?

This one is my favorite cuz of the variety of the clips used.

Or maybe this one cuz it almost makes drum and bass look like fun.
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All it needs is fake subtitles in Hindu.
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"clumsily edited"
Hardly. If anything's clumsily edited its your little rant. It's 'they have TOO much time on their hands'.

That's what the Preview button is there for honey, ok?
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