Fridtjof Nansen
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Fridtjof Nansen's Polar Saga. Part One: 1,000 Days in the Ice "It was an outlandish idea: freeze a ship in the Arctic Ocean and ride the drifting ice across the North Pole." Part Two: Chasing Nansen's Ghost. "Two adventurers set out across the Arctic in the footsteps of Norway's pioneering polar explorer."
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And his First name is Fridge Off?

Espoiterical, or whatever it is you kiddies say.
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Nansen did some good stuff, but was also a tremendous reactionary asshole, co-founding a nationalist anti-socialist organization in the 20s that engaged in union busting and prevented workers' demonstrations, and he's also in part responsible for Norway becoming a constitutional monarchy instead of a republic after the dissolution of the union with Sweden.
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...and designer of the Nansen bottle ...
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