For Ourselves and Our Posterity
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Inauguration 2009 Sermons and Orations Project The Library of Congress invites you to submit digital audio or video recordings of speeches made between January 16 and january 25, 2009 on the occasion of Barack Obama's inauguration. The speeches will be archived in a collection for future scholarship, much like the Day of Infamyand other collections capturing signifcant American moments.
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I hope they have space set aside for insane conspiracy theorists ranting on YouTube.
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My band is playing old-timey music in a big old-timey theater and we're projectorizin' Mr. Obama's orations onto a big screen. Gonna have whiskey, too. We'll film the whole thing and send it to congress if they want.
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The project is looking for orations delivered to a group, whether that group or the content of the oration is religious in nature or not, and the subject is to be Obama's inauguration. Events as such wouldn't be archived, as the only thing they say to those present were...ya missed a great party.

But on January 20, it will be quite a party in general.
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Er, not really a self-link. More like a "dig me, processing archivist"
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