The Baddest Bull You've Ever Seen...
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Meet Bodacious, dubbed 'The World's Most Dangerous Bull', only six cowboys managed to last the required 8 seconds on his back. He was one hell of a tough ride. Primus even wrote a song for him on their Antipop album called Ballad of Bodacious.

Merry Christmas everyone.
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Meet Bodacious.
posted by gman at 6:51 PM on December 24, 2008

multi-tasking rodeo clown
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Never date a cowboy.
8 seconds is a "good ride."
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Some Kinda Bull
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Even among cowboys, bull riders stand out for their religious fervency.
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I could watch cowboys getting the stuffing knocked out of them all day.
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I read that as "Prince even wrote a song for him on his Antipop album," which made my brain explode two times.
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I did not know he was a real bull. Thanks!
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I love to watch the bulls, when they are done, head for the out gate and go back into their stalls. They cue up the adrenalized instinct for bucking, work that for 8 seconds, and then when the buzzer sounds, they pretty much clock out and go back to their alfalfa. I assume there are bulls that are too hot, and don't get used, but still. It's fascinating to see how often and easily these creatures learn to manage themselves.

And, nushustu, Prince loves animals. The one thing he tends to be straightforward and articulate about in interviews is various critters. There may be unreleased Bodacious tribute laying around somewhere...
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