My deity is at least 16-bits
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8-bit Jesus is a free CD of Christmas classics, done in 8-bit style by the fantastic Doctor Octoroc. [via]
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This makes me remember getting a Nintendo for christmas when I was 5 or 6. All I did was sit and play video games alllllll day.
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Chiptunes is one of those wonderful genres that really needed the internet to exist. Check out Game Music 4 All for more 8 (and 16) bit goodness.
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Chiptunes is one of those wonderful genres that really needed the internet to exist.

yeah. except for the dozens of thousands of video game soundtracks made between 1980 and 1995. also the commodore 64.

and amiga stuff. and the rest of the demoscene.

oh yeah, and the other home computers that had music making software. IBMs with AdLib, etc. MSX in japan.

there are reasons people are nostalgic for this stuff, and one of them is that it's been around longer than grunge rock or gangster rap.
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I heard someone calling me, I came as fast as I could.
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I <3 Octorok
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Tumult, clarification: I wasn't saying chiptunes needed the internet to exist at all, but rather to exist as a genre (i.e., known beyond its practitioners and their friends.) C.F. Nerdcore.

The original videogame composers operated in a different space. They were the avant garde making do with what was then available. The reverse hackery of chiptunes artists is a different thing. As is the porting of the original (limited) tunes to traditional instruments (See VGM.)

The demoscene, from what I've seen (sorry,) is more audio-visual, which puts it in a different category, IMHO.

And making the terminal type to the beat of your school's fightsong is a different thing still.

But maybe I'm splitting hairs.
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Wow. This is absolutely amazing.

"Kraid, Rest Ye Merry Mother Brain" in particular is just phenomenal; such a perfect blending of both originals!
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See also A Very 8 Bit Xmas
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[thenk] you
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Have yourself a final little fantasy is dead on
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