For Those Looking for a Little Boardom This Holiday Season
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Play board games during the holidays? Try an updated version of an old classic. You can indulge in as much sex, drugs, crime, and rock and roll as your health will handle, just don't roll a 1 on your first turn or you'll be aborted before you get started.

Or, if you are looking for something a little more fresh and less "serious gamish" why not try the new religious parody game in which you can play a chain gun wielding, cross toting Jesus? Other board games designed around (possibly exploitative) socio-cultural satire, like Ghettopoly and Redneckopoly (previously 1,2), have provoked strong reactions.
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This after my wife and I bought the MB Game of Life on a whim and realized how different it felt playing as adults in midstream rather than as children who didn't understand yet the cultural institutions the game refers to.
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That's a good point. My friend got the new game of life for her birthday, and though it gives you a lot more freedom in how to play, it was still slightly disconcerting that you had to get married before you could have kids. It only slightly diminishes the overall awesomeness of the new version, though. We're big fans of the game of life; perhaps I'll print out the updated version and bring it to our game night tonight. My friends would get a kick out of this.
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Looks more like "Life in Some Parody of the '80s."
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Or go to BoardgameGeek and find a game that doesn't suck so bad.

Putting in the little pegs for kids was always the only interesting part of this game. Almost no decisions at all in this steaming turd of a game. there's thousands of better ways to soend an hour or two than life.
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You know who else played Juden Raus?
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You borkened it.
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