Women Rockin' 4 Women 2001 Festival
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Women Rockin' 4 Women 2001 Festival - If you don't live in Dallas Texas USA, you have two days to get here. If you do live in the Lone Star state, you don't want to miss this. Five Clubs. Over 25 beautiful, talented, guitar-carrying women. One night. Proceeds for this benefit go towards helping the victims of domestic violence. We have great music every weekend in Deep Ellum, but this event's gonna be heaven.
posted by ZachsMind (8 comments total)
"Over 25 beautiful, talented, guitar-carrying women..."

Indulge me.....why does what they look like matter? For that matter, why is their being 'beautiful' listed before 'talented', as if their looks were their superior accomplishment?

Would this be less of a musical event if the women were just talented, and not particularly beautiful? Or am I completely off track here, and you in fact meant that beautiful women don't often have any kind of talent at all, so it is worth mentioning that these particular women have both?

Forgive me, but there are a lot of links on this site to cool stuff men are doing, and you don't see them being described by their looks - why would you reduce women to it?
posted by kristin at 2:19 AM on May 18, 2001

Tell 'em, Kristin.

On the other hand, if the money goes to a good cause, and if it takes 'beautiful' to sell lots of tickets, then...

Nah. Tell 'em, Kristin.

By the way, did everyone see that kitten?
posted by pracowity at 3:14 AM on May 18, 2001

And after they're done rocking, they resume their jobs as supersexy secret agents!
posted by whuppy at 6:57 AM on May 18, 2001

"Indulge me.....why does what they look like matter?"

Well it doesn't matter really in the big picture, but for me it's quite a plus! I mean nowadays the best I can do is admire a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman from a distance, because as everyone should know by now I'm a complete loser.

And I should point out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We're talking over 20 women here. Some would disagree with me, perhaps. Some guys only like redheads. I think they're missing out, but that's their choice and far be it from me to call them wrong.

I happen to think all these women in the local music scene are beautiful, intelligent, talented, inspiring, filled with determination and courage to get up on that stage and hope for a future in which they can do what they love for a living, maybe attain some fame and money. Maybe a contract with a big label if that's their desire. Others just enjoy the music and if they break out of the local scene that'd be just icing on the cake. To me they're already winners, whether the rest of the world beats a path to their door or not.

I like lookin' at women. I won't apologize for that. And smart women with talent and drive happen to turn my head, so it's far more than T&A that gets my attention, but if that offends you Kristin... uhm, well tough. =)

Whuppy, in regards to Baby Jane Hudson as one example, I wouldn't be at all surprised.
posted by ZachsMind at 7:13 AM on May 18, 2001

i checked the comments before the link, secure in the knowledge that kristi would be playing.

alas, while i will be very close to dallas (actually on the texas/oklahoma border) this weekend, i'm obligated to spend that time interacting with various in-laws.

zach, how about a little more lead time next time? i would have loved to come down to see some of the shows.
posted by lescour at 7:49 AM on May 18, 2001

Anybody care to explain why mentioning beauty in a description of a group of women is some kind of reduction? Reduction of what? A devaluation? How?
posted by techgnollogic at 1:17 PM on May 18, 2001

Hey kids! Beauty doesn't have to mean appearance. Maybe it means, like, a beautiful soul or something!
I'm kind of wondering why nobody wants to comment on whether the idea of all [specify human category] concerts are actually a good thing. Perhaps because no one can be bothered.
posted by davidgentle at 7:18 AM on May 19, 2001

It's a knee-jerk reaction from women who are really tired of being judged for looks first. Watch a show where women and men are introduced, like the Oscars. Listen to the differences. Kristen's sensitive (and so am I) because it's a way of saying "you're not worth shit as a woman if you're not beautiful." I certainly realize that isn't what Zach meant to say, it's just a matter of him not being aware of the pain of that phrase.

All if this brings to mind the fact that it's nearly impossible for an less-than-gorgeous woman to make it in the music business these days. If Janis Joplin were alive today, she'd be a struggling unknown. Sigh.

All that said, nice link. Wish I could be there.
posted by frykitty at 7:35 AM on May 19, 2001

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