Interesting UK-based 'techy' sites
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Interesting UK-based 'techy' sites seem to be somewhat thin on the ground. Pixelix seems to be trying to do different things - on one hand it's a psuedo-blog, where editors post their pieces and users can post their comments, then there's also the 'linx' side, which turns up some real gems which i've never seen on MeFi before. Check it.
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although, having just said that...the first couple of links on at the moment have been on MeFi before! Oh well!
posted by metaxa at 4:01 AM on May 18, 2001

cheers for the link -seems like a nice wee site at first glance. Nice to see them welcome us

Well, it seems that some nice person posted a link to Pixelix on Metafilter, so we're being Metafilter'ed at the moment, and you might experience some slow downs. :)
We're a bit disorganised here, if you want to contribute - hit the 'create an account' button and get posting some linx and comments! If you want more, then apply to become an editor (we'd love to have you on board) once you've logged in!
Well, I hope you have fun!
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Ugh. Stupid entity resolution.
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