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Some cool houses. There are also some cool photos and such, but it's the houses that caught my eye.

Most of the content is architecture related and taken from other sources, but he does link to the original articles. There is some original photography intermixed. It didn't take me long to rip through all 9 pages of posts (only goes back to July 20, 2008).
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mmm rectilinear pr0n
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The views from the houses are even more spectacular than the houses themselves.

I've always wondered why people with money to blow spend it on McMansions instead of houses like this.
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It always kills me when they build those McMansions at the corner of two really busy streets. My girlfriend once made a comment about a house that should be in the country. I pointed out in the country no one can see it. At a busy intersection everyone knows you're loaded.
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I pointed out in the country no one can see it.

Not to mention that they'll just tick off the suburb haters.

So, to summarize: You can't build a big house in the city. You can build a house out of the city, but only if it's a unique snowflake. In a city, you can't live anywhere formerly poor. A crowded tenement is morally acceptable.
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