Gap model fan fiction:
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Gap model fan fiction: I don't care what any of you think. I found this amusing. Fan fiction takes on many bizarre forms. From Thundercats (example) to the Lion King (example), the web opens up a level of fan-to-fan community that gives new life to things that would probably be better off left dead. What's the wierdest piece of fan fiction cheese you have ever come across?
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Of course, there's always the infamous Minesweeper fan fiction...I also found an Asteroids story. I guess I'm not the only one who made up little silly stories in my head when playing video games.
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m/m MacGyver erotica anyone? Not your bag? Try Battlestar Galactica or Twin Peaks.
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Self-insertion hermaphrodite bestiality Sailor Moon hentai. (presented here MST3K'd)
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The weirdest I've ever seen was fan fiction for the Canadian band Sloan, which started out fairly innocently as a fan's recollections about meeting the guitarist/singer Jay Ferguson... but quickly devolved into a sexual fantasy wherein she [the fan] brought Jay out of his sensitive indie rock shell. *giggle*

After much searching [and running across fan fiction for Richard Dean Anderson in the process], I couldn't find that Sloan page. Sorry charlies.
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i'm going to have to go with transformers fan fiction. oh, did i mention it was erotic fan fiction?

repeat after me: transformers cannot have sex. transformers cannot have sex.

some website i went to also had a list of the "top 10 signs your girlfriend likes the transformers a little too much." transformers bed sheets with stains?...

transformers cannot have sex. transformers cannot have sex. no, really.
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I've got two. Both are disturbing for different reasons. First is Beatles on Titanic (not just the ship, but the movie). Second is Gilligan's Island Erotica: three words I never thought I'd say together. Thank you internet!
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How about gay erotic fiction featuring Starsky and Hutch (example)? Or there's always Smurf Sex.
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How about explore the vast, rich storylines inspired by Steve Perry and his pals... The Journey Library.
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Enter at your own risk: Peter Milan linked the most horrific example of fanfic gone wrong that I've ever heard of. I couldn't bring myself to follow his link then, and I can't bring myself to repeat what he said now. The very idea was too much to take.
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A "fan fiction" search on Google looks pretty promising.

I remember reading a reasonably good fanfic "ER" episode (not porn, but an actual story), but the link doesn't show up in the search.
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I do so much pimping for them on MeFi that I should get paid, really, but if you subscribe to Popbitch's weekly newsletter, they throw links to popstar fanfic porn in there rather frequently. This week's link was to gay Duran Duran porn fiction.
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Iron Chef Slash Fiction is the weirdest i've seen (I'm glad i didn't find anything about Emiril Live), but then i haven't seen that sloan stuff.
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Weirdest single piece of fanfic I ever saw featured Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen being gang-raped by genetically modified, intelligent wolves.

I can't even imagine how someone came up with that.
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Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the Godawful Fan Fiction site. Hours of endless amusement.
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